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List of Stamps

Shizuru - yuyu_rating

Winry Rockbell - fm_a_rating

Riza Hawkeye - hagaren_rating

Sango - yasha_rating

Blue - wolfs_rating

Sailor Jupiter - sm_rating
Sailor Uranus - smrating
Sailor Uranus & Jupiter - senshi_rating

Sakura - naruto_rating

Future!Sakura - ninjafy

Esmeralda - princesscom
Beast - Prince
Yzma, Maleficent - Villain
Nala - Animal

Esmeralda, Pocahontas - animated_beauty
Shere Khan, Judge Claude Frollo - Villain theme
Philoctetes - Friend theme
Go the Distance, Just Around the Riverbend, Circle of Life - Song theme
Jim Hawkins - Hero theme

Esmeralda - womenofdisney_r
Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Movie theme

Pocahontas - d_princesses
The Beast - Matchmaking theme
Go the Distance and Honor to Us All - Song theme
Belle's Mirror - Item theme

Jessie - pixar_stamps
Jasmine, Beast - Disney Royalty theme
Jessie and Woody - Mirror theme

Storm, Sky - elementals_
Horse, Wolf - Animal theme
Earth, Mars - Planet theme
Artemis, Pele, Demeter - Gods and Goddesses theme
Sunset, Ayers Rock - Natural Wonders theme
Cinnamon, Turquoise, Amber - Color theme
Hydrothermal Vent, Whirlpool - Underwater theme
Scorpio, Aries, Leo - Zodiac theme
Agate, Carnelian - Gemstone theme
Sunflower - Flower theme
Hurricane - Natural Disasters theme
Orian - Constellation theme
Maple - Tree theme
Wind, Winter - Mirror theme
Europe - Continent Theme
Windy - Weather Forecast theme
Altostratus - Cloud theme
River - Water Bodies theme
Peninsula - Landforms theme

Pheonix - beings_rating
Hugin and Munin - Norse Beast theme

Strength - eternal_seer
Manipura (Solar Plexus) - Chakra Theme
Aries - Zodiac theme
Tiger - Chinese Zodiac theme
Life Path Five - Numerology theme
Life Line - Palmistry theme
Bloodstone - Power Stone theme
Orange-Yellow - Aura theme

Polyhymnia, Mnemosyne - nine_muses_

Apollo - greekmyth_stamp
Orion - Matchmaker theme
Shield of Herakles - Item theme
Hebe - Appearence
Calliope - Nine Muses theme
Phoinix - Legendary Creatures theme
Zeus and Leto - Parents theme
Macaria - Underworld theme
Hyakinthos - Plants and Flowers theme
The Magician - Mythic Tarot Card theme
Pankration - Ancient Olympics theme
Conch Shell - Ancient Instruments theme
Taurus - Zodiac theme
Draco (the dragon) - Star Myths theme
Ares (Mars) - Planets and Moons theme

Diana, Horus - divinities

Bard - courtly_ratings

Julie Andrews - broadway_ladies

Hero's True Love - chartype_rate

Peter - narnia_ratings

Man - sorting_realm

Faramir, Eowyn - lotr_stamping
Eowyn - Mirror theme
Eomer - Matchmaking theme

Anamaria - potc_stamping

Fighter - vgstamping

Wind - pullip_rating
(Spring) Purezza - Limited Edition theme

Image Stamps

Winry - fma_mirror

Sayu - dn_mirror

Sakura (Naruto theme)- anime_mirror

Wendy - mirror_animate
Relena - Science Fiction theme
Kasumi - Ladies of Fighting Games theme
Yulie - PS2 RPG theme

Alyson Hannigan, Christian Applegate - starlet_mirrors
Jennifer Connelly - Comic theme
Meredith Monroe and Busy Philips - Teen Soap theme
Rachael Weisz - Movie Star theme
Elisa Donovan - Teen Idol theme
Brooke Sheilds - Modern Classic theme
Melissa Etheridge - Musician's II theme
Maggie Grace - Today's TV theme II
Linda Kiorentino - Kevin Smith theme
Kristy Cates - Broadway theme
Kelly Grace - Classic theme
Sarah McLachlan - Musician theme
Alison Sweeny - Soap Opera theme
Ashley Tisdale - Disney theme
Carrie Underwood - American Idol theme
Angela Watson - 90's TV theme
Liza Weil - TV theme

Irish - guessmyheritage
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